Help please: how to avoid Reggaeton songs in the lists.

Help please: how to avoid Reggaeton songs in the lists.

Hi all,

I use Spotify to work with more focus, but lately in the automatic mixes it appears several reggaeton songs, without previous disclaimers of the possibility of cerebral damage.
Is there any form to supress certains musical genres in the music mixes that Spotify propose you?
Thank you in advance.

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That's hilarious. From the reggaeton songs that I unintentionally heard wherever, it seems like they all use the same music.


You could try going to the artists' pages, when those songs pop up, then select "Don't play this", but I don't know how well that actually works. In my experience, it seems that those same artists have played again.

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Thank you, MadMan.
That is I use to do, but I want to think that a feature so essential for people with some music sensibility as avoid certain styles of music would be present in the app. This is the equivalent to be celiac, I suppose. Most of people tolerate it, but for you is pretty annoing.

I don't know why from a time in the Weekly discover and other automatizated list, a reggeaton song is present every few songs.
Hi Spotify engineers, listen to your users! We want to have the capacity of filter-avoid certains music styles!



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