Help with Spotify Radio/Recommendations! All my radio stations playing same kind music.

Help with Spotify Radio/Recommendations! All my radio stations playing same kind music.

I've spent years curating playlists for specific moods. I listen to a few different genres (classical, synth, reggaeton, rock, metal, etc) but my main genre is metal.
Basically I make a single playlist for my side genres, but within the metal genre I like to divide my music more precisely: I have one for symphonic, power, folk, doom/black, gothic, prog, and oldies/classic metal. I used to be able to make a radio based on one playlist and it would more or less stay within the theme, but now no matter which playlist I pick, including the ones I have for punk rock and grunge, all give me symphonic no matter what. I think it's because I've been listening to actual classical while I study/work on some projects, but it's made it impossible to find new music. Even all my made for you playlists are dominated by symphonic metal unless it's such a wildly different genre like my reggaeton playlist.
Is there some trick for the algorithm I'm just not getting? I've spent so much time organizing my favorite songs so that it would be easier to find things according to my mood. I'm literally sick of paying for premium if its not even going to recommend anything new.
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The playlist radios are based on your overall music that you listen, but they should be also based on the playlist itself. Unfortunately this has been an issue for some other people that is getting fixed, the algorithm being implemented and improved regularly!

There have been some posts in the ongoing issues section of the community you can read and vote on such as this one and this one!


Hopefully this helped you, if not please let me know so i can try and help you furthermore!




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