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Thanks, great to hear from someone who spent a lot of money and dedication on his equipment and listening experience and didn't fall into the audiophile rabbit hole - Very refreshing and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said.

I need to check out the AIX Records - Looks like they are not just resampling stuff, but actually taking the necessary steps where it matters the most - In the studio. Thanks for the tip.




Wow, if that is true, that would be a major mistake by Spotify. Converting to lossless based on a messy source would be a complete exercise in futility...

Until now, I was under the impression, that Spotify had the best compression in comparison to the lossy formats of it's competitors - Gonna search for that video of yours.


It's a bummer that until now, Spotify has committed on being silent on those matters.




Wouldn't be surprised if Tidal came up with shady stuff on that front. But MQA alone makes them highly unattractive to me, even if they would reign supreme in regards to sound quality. 

I prefer the artists to actually receive money and as a customer to not get shackled to some hardware in order to unfold proprietary encoding that in the end is still lossy - Can't think of any reason why the whole mastering craze can't be presented in FLAC or another lossless (or even as lossy but free) format...apart from money. 

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Here are some interesting links regarding abx tests about not just mp3 but also amps, cables etc.

The first link is in german so just google translate it.

I was trying to find a database (have misplaced that link somewhere, think its on headfi though) with 1000's of tests done online by people where the results are submitted immediately but couldnt find it right now (it shows that 320 is extremely close to lossless). Basically all people that say that "even my mother in the kitchen could hear the difference, or I can easily hear the difference on my expensive rig" have likely never conducted a blind test of their own).


With above said I am talking in general about good ripped 320kpbs vs FLAC not Spotify in particular (they could have crappy source material (doubtful), then it doesnt matter if the bitrate is 1000000kbps).
A decent but maybe not super correct  comparison is a zip file vs uncompressed, is there anyone here that argues that all the information in a compressed zipfile doesnt reflect the uncompressed version accurately?
Algorithms really can do wonders 🙂

This debate will probably never end though since there is prestige in holding on to your beliefs, if I bought a 1000 dollar cable and someone told me you could as well have bought a 1 dollar cable you wouldn't want to hear it and ignore is opinion.



Forgot one link, about the "woo woo" surrounding 24/192 (if you don't feel like reading, conclusion there is no point distributing music in 24/192).



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Since I think I started this I’ll say this with “tests”. First I do think 320 in general is fine. The only time I can hear a difference is songs of old. I’m 54 so say a Doobie Brothers song that I’ve listened to since the 70’s on various media (vinyl, tape, CD) I can get a subtle difference. I just junk I want the option.

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Plus Idagio and Primephonic for classical.

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Check Amazon Music HD! Fantastic sound good pricing. They may not have the level of interface Spotify has build over the years but they might get there. So who will be the fastest? Amazon to improve their interface or Spotify to offer a good Loosless sound??? What's your take? 

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Trialling Tidal for their current offer of $5/£5 for 5 months any Subscription level.

Come on Spotify, surely you have to react to Tidal and now Amazon offering a "HiFi" option.

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They won't care until profits go down. The masses don't know what lossless is and the small group here is not enough to sway Spotify. If it weren't for the interface and excellent recommendations I would jump ship immediately.

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I already have hi-fi lossless subscriptions with Deezer, Tidal and Qobuz.


While I extended my prepaid Premium subscription I am waiting for Spotify to up their game and offer me what I want for the subscription price I am willing to pay. The Henry Ford adage of "You can have any color you want as long as it's black" does not wash in the 21st century.

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I've been a Spotify family subscriber since its inception. I guess I just assumed that Spotify would transition to lossless as the competition did. The only reason I hesitate switching at this point? The library and playlists that I've created. But, I'm taking Tidal up on their $5 for 5 months offer. I'll begin to do the same with them. At the end of 5 months we will see...