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Hide erotic « Shows to Try »

Hide erotic « Shows to Try »






iPhone XS

Operating System



My Question or Issue


There is a new « Shows To Try »section showing up in my home screen showing some unwanted erotic podcasts. How can I remove it? Nothing against erotic podcasts but

- I’m not interested in them

- I use spotify for music not podcasts

- It is embarrassing to see this on my home screen


Please, do not send me to your feature voting system. This is not a feature this should not happen at first place. 


I wonder what kind of BS brainstorming you did to come up with a feature « Let’s show users some random erotic podcats »


How can I remove this? This is so annoying!!





82 Replies

Hi there Spotify who I think at this point doesn't care about customer satisfaction , I listen to normal songs on a daily basis , so WHY THE **bleep** do I have so many  inappropriate shows in the shows to try tab , WHY THE **bleep** can't you just **bleep** it outta there ,  

I recommend you go to the App store and report the app for having offensive content. I asked Apple to rate it 17+ because of this content.

Just so you all know, I have reported what I am seeing to Apple as "offensive" and pornographic, and recommended that Apple change the rating to 17+.

I have my spotify logged in my TV and I have a kid living in the house who tends to open it and play songs/rhymes and whatnot. I barely even use my Spotify but god damn recently the suggestion (image attached) . HOW IN THE **bleep** **bleep** DO I REMOVE IT????? HOW CAN U NOT HAVE NOT INTERESTED**bleep** BUTTON???? y'all will do anything for clicks won't ya? I'm done with Spotify, if the problem is fixed before my sub expires well and good else I'm switching after 4 years.



I had a similar thing happen, but it was Pornhub podcast. At the very least there should be an adult or x-rated filter for podcasts. I don't mind recommending me podcasts to me, even though I'll never use any you suggest, but to tell me I have to block all explicit songs in order to block xxx content is just insane. 

Hi folks,

Thank you for your replies and feedback.


As mentioned earlier, we can assure you that this is being looked into.


In the meantime  you can head over to this idea and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates regarding this.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else in the meantime.


Take care!

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Signed up a family account. And cancelled right away. This is shameful. What’s with all the porny **bleep**

Just want to add to this post for additional information as well. We too are long time Premium subscribers and started noticing 'adult themed' Shows to Try recommendations appearing on our Home page. There is no way to hide Show to Try from our Home page or app, and no way to remove or delete the recommendations. There needs to be changed  immediately. 


Why would Spotify think it is ok to add a section like this to everyone's Home page, allow the section to suggest 'adult themed' options, then not give users a way to hide / turn off / down vote the items in that section? As a Premium subscriber who doesn't want to listen to commercials or ads, this feels like an advertisement being forced on me.


Thank you for your time and attention to this issue.

Spotify Shows to Try adult themed - 12-7-2021.PNG

That link is not for the same thing. There is a difference between *all* and *erotic*. You are the fourth moderator to have to weigh in, but it has not occurred to anyone higher than the mods to provide a concrete time frame and not generic assurances.

I have been having the same problem as everyone else on this thread, but seeing Spotify's lack of meaningful response, emphasis on meaningful, is making look at Apple Music today. I have been using Spotify for years, but this is beyond tone deaf.

Too damn slow, buddy. This is the tech world, and real people are being really affected. The only thing slowing you down is financial predictions.

FIX IT!!!!

Response not acceptable, don't you understand?

Same issue. Kinda embarrassing when someone else opens my Spotify and sees those things. Plus I don’t even listen to Podcasts so this is long overdue SO RID IT PLEASE 😕

I use Spotify to listen to Christian music.
Your app forces me to view erotic show suggestions.
This is not acceptable.
- ChristianEars




ahaha what the heck man



@ jeremy

can you and the other spotify staff stop linking everyone to that suggestion because it's been a  'live idea' for well over a year now or something.

It's 2022 and this still hasn't been freaking fixed. Give users the option to hide the shows tab. This would take all of 5 minutes to code. 

Why there is no way to filter out adult content recommendations? I'm here for music only, I don't need any erotic, **bleep**, religion podcast! Why do I need to see the podcasts at the very top of my home screen? I will never listen to them...

Spotify....this should be a simple fix! Make it so we can just click a button if we don't want to see that podcast then put a new one in its spot! But give us the damn option to get rid of your 'suggested podcasts'! ESPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE PAYING TO USE SPOTIFY!!!!!

Going through the previous comments of clients it appears that this "bug" has been there for a couple of years now. I got a family subscription, so yes, it includes a minor who has access to the account. Moreover, I'm not interested in listening to these erotic stories so please get your act together and create an option not to have these recommendations on my screen every day. Otherwise, I'll seriously considering cancelling my subscription (and no, turning off "explicit content" doesn't work)

For the past couple of months, I've had to look at the cover pictures of gay erotic podcasts in the "Show To Try" section. It's just a visual annoyance for me, but this could have real life consequences, including violence or death, for a closeted LGBT teen with homophobic family members. Spotify, please allow the option to delete unwanted podcasts, or, better yet, get rid of the "Shows To Try" section.

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