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Hide erotic « Shows to Try »

Hide erotic « Shows to Try »






iPhone XS

Operating System



My Question or Issue


There is a new « Shows To Try »section showing up in my home screen showing some unwanted erotic podcasts. How can I remove it? Nothing against erotic podcasts but

- I’m not interested in them

- I use spotify for music not podcasts

- It is embarrassing to see this on my home screen


Please, do not send me to your feature voting system. This is not a feature this should not happen at first place. 


I wonder what kind of BS brainstorming you did to come up with a feature « Let’s show users some random erotic podcats »


How can I remove this? This is so annoying!!





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This extends beyond erotic content despite that being a major embarrassment and impact on people, and the initial motivation for this thread.

Here is my lovely recommendation featuring an exorcist like image every time I open the app...

Agree with others. These "recommendations" do not stem at all from our usage history (never searched for any horror item), and an option to hide or remove them is almost obvious. Glad it's being "looked at" for > half a year.

Sad to see this issue has not been fixed. As a long time user of Spotify, it seems like the only option is to stop using it. Over a year later and nothing has been fixed. All of a sudden gay erotica is showing on my home page for shows you might like. I’ve tried everything I can think of to change it. I’ve marked played on a bunch of family friendly podcasts and rated 5 stars and Ive even marked the ones I don’t want showing up as 1 star and still they are recommended! Ive removed explicit content, which I guess is only for music because it still pops up. This is ridiculous! And I have so many playlists made. I hate to leave but I guess there’s no other option.  Guess I’m off to

rate Spotify as 17+ since it now includes **bleep** for anyone. 



Apologies for being blunt, but I want this "Shows to Try" category stuck at the top of my homepage gone. I know it's probably sponsored, and corporate is pushing for podcasts to become a big thing so they can add more users, and corporate is banking on adding more users than they lose from this practice of "continued exposure to podcasts = more will try it". What corporate doesn't realize, however, is that the customers they pissing off and driving away are the customers that got the company off the ground in the first place. They were here to stay until you drove them away. I'm about to join them.


Thanks for your time.

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