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Hide song feature gone, hidden songs no longer hidden

Hide song feature gone, hidden songs no longer hidden

Oh, Spotify. I love you so much. I'm a premium user listening on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro devices. I was looking for a way to hide songs I dislike, and I was told by one of your own staff that the only way to do so was to go onto a mobile device and hide it from there. This was a bit of an inconvenience, as I'm often listening while working on my laptop, but hey, at least it worked. Well, now 1) that feature is no longer available on mobile devices and 2) the songs I'd previously hidden are no longer hidden. What's the deal, Spotify? You're killin' me. Please bring this feature back, and please make it accessible on all devices. Pretty please.

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Hey there @ekaylene,

Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear you're having such an experience with the app.


Can you send us some screenshots of the following:

  • Click the 3-dot menu next to a song title in any public playlist or any of the Made for You playlists. The Hide song button should appear there.
  • In your Discover Weekly, when you maximize the Now Playing view, the Hide song button should appear on the right.

It would be great if you can also include your phone's model, OS version and Spotify version.


We'll look into this.



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Hi Alex! Thanks for getting back to me.

This is getting weirder. I just went into the This Is Ariana Grande
playlist on my phone, suddenly the songs I'd hidden were hidden again.
However, when I went into that same playlist on my iPad, just to see, the
songs weren't hidden, but I did have the option to hide them. The option is
still not available on my laptop version, and the songs I hid on mobile
aren't hidden on laptop.

I'm guessing this is because of the lack of synchronicity of features
across all versions. It's very frustrating from the user's end.

IMG_0861.PNG is a screenshot from my iPhone 11, and the file "Screen
Shot...png" is from my MacBook Pro. I'm using the latest version available
of each Spotify app. iPhone is an 11, and I'm on iOS 15.4.1. On my laptop,
I'm on MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2. iPad is an iPad Air, running iOS 12.5.6 (yes,
it's *that* old, LOL).

Thank you for your help, and have a great day.

Hi there @ekaylene,

Thanks for the reply and the info you've provided.


I can confirm that Hidden songs are not synchronized between devices, so if you've hidden a song on your phone it will still be playable and appear in your playlist on PC. Currently this is how the app is built.


If you really dislike some songs you can block their artist from your mobile device. Blocked artist are synched across devices and if you encounter a song by them on another device it will be automatically skipped. 


You can block artists by opening their profile pages on Mobile > click the 3-dot menu > Select Don't Play this


Hope this info clears things up.

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Block the whole artist? That's not really a workaround. I like to throw on
the "This Is..." and the popular playlists while working or cleaning, but
there are random songs where the artist is featured on someone else's song,
or it's an interlude type song—stuff like that where you don't necessarily
want to hear a particular song, but you overall like the artist. I still
think the Spotify team should prioritize making the hide song feature
available across all versions; I've seen a lot of other users requesting
this, and maintain that it should be a default feature. If we can "like"
individual songs, certainly we should be able to hide them.

Hi @ekaylene!


Here are a couple of ideas about the Hide song feature that you may find interesting, so feel free to check them out and show your support by giving them a thumbs up (if you haven't already) as they're still open for voting:


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Um, it looks like you've closed this request, as it's marked Case Closed.
*sigh* Pretty soon another developer will come along and build a music
streaming service with this request, because I see so many of us Spotify
users requesting it, and Spotify is constantly blowing us off. It's only a
matter of time.

Plan - Premium

Country - Philippines



Chrome web browser (108)

Operating System

(Mac OS)


My Question or Issue

Hide / delete song button isn't present on WEB app anymore. Previously we were able to delete/hide songs from `Discover Weekly` playlist. 


This functionality is still present on Mobile (iOS) app



I hope this is the correct topic, so I don't open a duplicate topic.
In fact the button to hide music does not appear in the web browser version.


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I don't know if "hide song" is the same as "block song". But I think "block" would be a more appropriate term.


From what I've been reading in this and other posts, it seems that the hide button ("minus" button) once existed in the web browser version.

I ask, please, Spotify, add this feature! Just like in the mobile version.
Deezer has it, and this feature is extremely useful! I would say, one of the main features!

It would also be great if this "no longer recommend this song" feature (minus button) was present on all songs, regardless of where it was started (except directly in playlists).

Thanks in advance.

How unfortunate the Spotify cares so little about customer feedback and interests while using your service, which we pay for.  Why would you remove this feature?  And when we ask to resume it, you brush us off.  Very disappointed and will spread the word. Very poor customer service.  Are artists mandating that you not hide their songs?  I can't think of any other reason other than business deals for you to take away a well-needed service, particularly for parents who want to play and share good music with children (future subscribers = more $ for you) by artists but who may have an occasional song that isn't appropriate for young ears to hear.  Not family friendly.  Not impressed. 

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