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How can I batch remove all favourited albums?

How can I batch remove all favourited albums?

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How can I batch remove albums? I have thousands of them from before you changed the way favourites worked, and the only option you give me seems to be to go one by one.






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Hi there @undi,

thanks for reaching out !


I'm not sure what exactly it is you want to move and where.

Can you add any screenshots or try and direct me again so i can help ?


Thanks for your ccoperation 🙂

I want to batch REMOVE favourited albums. All of them, if possible.

Remove, delete, unfavourite.

Hi @undi,

thanks for your patience !


On the latest Spotify UI, when a user saves an album all the songs are getting saved as well.

Meaning, the "Liked Songs" and the "Album" section match.


I suggest visiting your "Liked Songs" tab on your desktop app and click Ctrl+A then Del to see if it does the trick.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Actually, they separated these 2 databases, having liked songs and albums not interact with each other.

So it's the exact opposite of what you suggest.

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