How to Improve my Discover Playlists


How to Improve my Discover Playlists


Every night, I listen to a playlist to help me sleep. It is all instrumental, ambient music. I call it my 'peace playlist'. Since I listen to it 5-8 hours each night, Spotify thinks that this is what I like to listen to the most.


I really want to find new music that I'm intererested in listening to when I'm *not* sleeping. Is there any way to generate Discover playlists that pay attention to what I actually listen to throughout the day?

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Re: How to Improve my Discover Playlists


No one answered this? Probably because it can't be done.


I've had Spotify forever, and I also have Pandora. Both are the premium full blown paid version.


Without hesitating for 1 single second, Pandora's AI is infinitely better in evaluating what you like and suggesting new music. I don't know how they work but Spotify's is almost embarrassing comparing to Pandora's. 


I've committed the same mistake you have in the past and for several and several months (and no matter how many times I say I DONT LIKE THIS ARTIST) on my "discover weekly" I see piano players, soothing music, sleeping sounds, etc...


Another thing that I dread is for my children to use my account, good grief, may the heavens protect me. Here it comes, oh you like ABC and XYZ and <sigh>....


On Pandora I go; play my metal radio. Then it plays all the metal I want, I can choose between new music, discover artists, new releases, classics, etc.... and it doesnt just play what I "hearted" before. So it's exciting and I hear new stuff and old classics, etc all the time and it never ends. it keeps cycling.


On Spotify if I choose play metal radio, it plays almost solely songs I liked and the thing ends at one point, so it starts to loop!!


I tell this to anyone, as a paying customer of both, I think Pandora's AI beats Spotify by miles but it simply doesnt have the rep Spotify has.


So, to answer you question...when you find an answer, please let me know. 😞