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I do not want Spotify to add songs to my playlists

I do not want Spotify to add songs to my playlists

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Does Spotify not have customer support? Or is this it?


My issue is that songs that are not on the current playlist I am playing from are added quite often by Spotify for some reason. Every fifth song it seems like. I love finding new music and Spotify have many great features for that. But adding songs in the que for a playlist I have used a lot of time making just feels really intrusive for a music lover - don't mess with someone's music collection. if I want to find new music I go out and look for it, if I want to listen to things I know I put on one of my playlists. 


I am guessing there is a way to turn it off? 

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Hi @Jonovitze!


Do you have Premium? If yes, then it's possible that you have Enhance / Smart Shuffle toggled on. Both features add song recommendations to the current playlist. Follow the steps below to disable them:

  • Enhance: tap the Enhanced button.
  • Smart Shuffle: tap the Shuffle button and switch to regular play/shuffle.
    smart shuffle 2.png

Note that if you are on Free, and your playlist has less than 15 songs, the mobile app will automatically add similar songs. You'll see a message telling you that the extra songs were added by Spotify, but they can be replaced by adding more songs.


If you need assistance with anything else don't hesitate to reach out to the Community again or to one of the channels here.



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Was listening to one of my playlists and it would play random Arabic love songs that are completely unrelated and I did not add. Please help!

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