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I have 4 separate storage folders on my Samsung phone

I have 4 separate storage folders on my Samsung phone






Samsung S20 FE

Operating System

Android 12


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I recently upgraded to the S20 FE from the S9, and when I did, all of my information was instantly carried over to the new phone.  As well, I simply took the SD card from my old phone and put it in the new S20 FE... now I have 4 folders showing in storage, 3 of them are the internal storage, even though 2 of those show as SD (assuming it's emulated or something?) and one shows as internal, and the other one of the 4 does show as the SD card.  I know the 3 are all internal as they have the same STORAGE total of 107, which is what's left of the 128 GB as useable on the phone.  The SD card has 119 GB useable.  

I did the instructions where I cleared Cache, and "Data" as on my version of android, there is no CLEAR CACHE AND STORAGE, just DATA.  Then I uninstalled the app, looked at my internal and SD card for the, and there is nothing there, on either in my files.  In fact, under the DATA folder on my internal memory there is NO DATA? Weird.  Phone works fine.  BTW, Spotify is working fine through all of this, just that it's eating up my internal memory.

Anyhow finished up by restarting my phone and reinstalling Spotify, and all 4 folders are still there, and unable to find them in my "files" search.

I have attached a screenshot for reference.

I can't find any of those folder listed either in my "files" on the phone.


Anyhow, looking for a solution to get rid of the extra folders so there is ONLY internal and the SD card as options.


Thanks for any assistance!

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Hi @Jmatteis_ca,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having this issue with the multiple storage instances.


We are aware of this issue and our team is currently looking into it. Head over to this Ongoing Issue thread and add the requested information as a comment. Don't forget to +Vote and subscribe to the thread in order to stay up to date with any developments.


Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.

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