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I listened to a genre I don't normally and now my discover weekly and release radar are chock full

I listened to a genre I don't normally and now my discover weekly and release radar are chock full





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So I recently had the need to listen to white noise to go to sleep at night. But now, all of my discover weekly and release radar is JUST THAT. I literally cannot listen to anything that I like OUTSIDE of sleeping now, because that is all that it is full of. Is there a way to change this, or make it go back a couple weeks? I don't understand why we can't have one general type of music for different times without it bogging up my lists like that.


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Hey @moxmo,


Sorry to hear this has happened. My suggestion is to keep listening to the music you enjoy - the app will take that into account and will refresh its suggestions so that they're always in line with what you like at the moment.


If you don't want certain types of music to have as much of an impact on your recommendations in the future, you can try out the following features:

1.) Exclude playlist from taste profile

You can exclude playlists you aren't interested in so that when you play them, the app won't take them into account for future recommendations:

  1. Open the playlist and tap the three dots menu (right-click if you're on desktop).
  2. Select Exclude from taste profile.

2.) Not interested

On the mobile app, you can curate the content in the Music subfeed of your Home screen. In case you find a suggestion that doesn't interest you, you can mark is as Not interested. More info on that here.


3.) Hide song / Don't play this artist

On the mobile app, you can hide songs songs you don't want the app playing by tapping the three dots menu > Hide song . You can also open the artist's profile and select Don't play this artist.


Hope this info was useful. Cheers!

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Instead of playing the music I listen to, my Discover Weekly plays a bunch of sleep sounds that we listen to when going to bed.

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