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Identify the playlist that's currently playing


Identify the playlist that's currently playing

I love Spotify and I use it all the time. Every now and then it frustrates me with some glaring omission, though.


I found a great playlist in the new Discover feed, and I'm listening to it right now. Trouble is, I restarted Spotify, and now I can't see what playlist it is. There's no "current playlist" or "now playing" button, and the back button was reset when I restarted. So all these great songs are playing, but if I listen to anything else, I'll never find this playlist again.


Am I missing something obvious? How do I identify the playlist that's currently playing?



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Same here! If i click the album it just shows me the album. I'm afraid to click away too many times because whatever I'm listening too is amazing! 


I thought it was one of the discover or made more me mixes but when i hover the mouse above it they still have play triangle, so they cannot be playing right? 

This is not a "Solution"!!!


It should obviously show in the player what is playing, without having to click this or that, or going somewhere else in the player.


Why is Spotify working so hard to make users not know what they are listening to (other than the current track)...? Why is the massive area in the middle of the player window not filled with the list playing and providing a work area in which the user can work on editing lists etc.? 


Instead its all about marketing specific artists and playlists, I assume based on who pays Spotify most. I fully understand the need for Spotify to be profitable, and support it, but don't want the main distribution channel for music be organised so that users are directed towards and fed the contant which has paid Spotify the most, while being limited in finding my way to other content.

Wow, that is not intuitive at all. Spotify needs to get their act together. 

I had the same problem! 


What I did was right click on the current song playing and click "Go to Song Radio" and that will open up the location of where the song is playing. 😄

🙂 ))) How is this a solution??? Hilarious...... An alternative could be to contact Spotify's customer service and ask them which playlist the song belongs to, ....every time you want to know it. .....Roughly equally convenient... 

That is not a solution to the problem!!! People want to see which playlist they are listening to and be able to edit them on the go, whithout navigating around. Why do people post sucky work-arounds as some sort of solution?? You only reduce the likelyhood of the software owner to develop the missing feature or fix the bug! At least post it just as a work-around, stating it doesn't "solve" the issue..

The entire interface should be torn down and redesigned. This is a joke.

Given solution doesn't work when playling a song in a playlist in a folder. 

Bless you! Thank you! This has always been an itch of mine every now and then. 🙂

Thanks for that. Honestly though, that's very poor heuristics. Shouldn't have to Google how to do something so simple.


I tried all the options you guys luck...! 😞

I'm playing really great songs but the playlist in "Recently Played" is not the right one...

I took a couple of screenshots of the queue to find out later...any help? I'm a music lover and definitely need to have this playlist in my collection!!!



You're not alone... I was so frustrated that I couldn't check out the title of the song I liked. I went on Google to find out why.. and I think the answer is we have to subscribe to Premium just to see what was played! 

Nah...I'm a premium subscriber and does not make a difference... 😞

Does clicking on the album artwork in the bottom left of the client not take you to the playlist (assuming you are using the desktop client)?


It does, thank you! And still it's rather confusing clicking on the artwork of the currently playing song->albom to get to the playlist. Not a good UI experience at all.

Yeah clicking the album cover of current song is the way to get to the current playlist. Very unintuitive.

Well.....none of the suggestions I've seen here work for me.
Using desktop client. 
Started spotify tonight after a few days since using it.
It "resumed" (I presume) from whatever song I was playing when I last closed it down. 
Clicking on the album cover in the bottom left corner only takes me to that album.
My spotify is not playing an album, it's playing a bunch of random songs.
Looking at my phone app didn't help either - it says my most recent played was a certain playlist of mine, but...(some of) the songs Spotify is playing are definitely not on that playlist. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've never heard (some of) those songs before, ever.
As others have said - it's a ridiculous situation that it doesn't clearly display which Playlist you're playing. Only positive I have is that I've found a few new favourite songs 🙂 

So there is seriously no Now Playing option on Spotify anymore?


It sounds like you might be experiencing Spotify's Autoplay feature . You may have been playing an album to start, once the album finishes Spotify will continue playing similar songs based on the album. 


@cheskawow wrote:
So there is seriously no Now Playing option on Spotify anymore?

For me on the Windows Desktop app, I can click the album art on the lower left corner and it takes me to the current playlist. Took me forever to find it, not sure why it isn't listed in the Play Queue or somewhere more useful than hidden secretly behind the album art.

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