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Hello, when looking at my played music history there is a LOT of music in there that I have never, and would never listen to. I know my husband didnt listen to it, and even though my music is on my google home, tesla car, and cell phone, I am the only one who listens to this account and I for sure never listened to that, and it's not like my ohone randomly listened to it in my pocket. The music seems like popular music from a different country. How do I get more information about this? Is someone else using my account? How can I see all of the devices logged in to my account so I can make sure it's not being used by someone else?

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Hey @Sarahlhagenle ,


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I'm sorry to hear this, It sounds that someone may have gained access to your account, I'd recommend taking a look at this article for the next steps to take.


You can also learn how to protect your account here.


I hope this helps! 

i must have repeated a song 10-15 times and it is nowhere in my history

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