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Inconsistent Checkmarks for a Song

Inconsistent Checkmarks for a Song


I noticed for some of my songs in my playlist, they have the green checkmark that indicates it is liked and in a playlist, but when I look them up in "Search," they do not have the checkmark at all and it is just the plus sign. This sometimes makes me accidentally add the song again when I try to look thinking I don't have it saved. This occurs both on the mobile app and the desktop app (though I at least can look up if I already have the song on the desktop app since I do not have premium). I included pictures as reference. Maybe I'm being dumb but could someone provide an explanation of why this might occur and/or any fixes? Thanks!

Screenshot 2024-02-25 133725.png
Screenshot 2024-02-25 133748.png
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Hi there @quailamity,


Thanks for reaching out, we'll gladly help clear out any confusion about this. It's possible that the different paths are taking you to different versions of the same song, hence why sometimes it appears as likes and sometimes it doesn't. You can try copying the links to the different ones and comparing them. If they are different, then that's the reason. If the link is the same, but the checkmark is still inconsistent, please let us know so we can look into this for you.


Hope this clears things up.

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I also have had this issue for at least a few months. That is when I noticed it. I wanted to make a post about it but since this was here I will just leave a comment,


anyways, this only affects songs that were added to playlists at least 8 years ago, or that have been in my liked playlist for a VERY long time. I have used Spotify since closed beta, and I still have my starred playlists. 

i have nit added all of those songs to Liked mainly because I am unable to add that many songs at once, and I don’t really listen to that music today anyways so it is no problem. 

still, I have maybe 15k songs from that era in the Starred playlists or other playlists made at the time. 

i suspect that anything added to a playlist before the new system launched is not counted and so no checkbox displays. 

i also noted that if I go to a page, like The Offspring, I ser I have 42 liked songs. I look at thise songs and then back out and go to the album, and none if the songs have a checkmark. So it even affects songs added to liked long ago. I have 32k liked songs, so it may be an issue with having too large a library, but honestly I think it is ridiculous that you should be unable to have a large library organized effectively (I don’t think this is intentional, but that is the effect it has, and I have considered to transfer services after 10+ years)


it is possible these albums have been deleted and readded or replaced or something, but I doubt that has happened to The Offspring, and they seem to link to the same album. There is no other version of it.

Offspring page:


 After clicking ”Ypu liked” on the Offspring page:


 After going in to the album:


Hi @banankakan,


Thanks for the detailed reply. There could indeed be an issue here, but the evidence for now is circumstantial and inconclusive. So that we can see if indeed the same songs are not appearing correctly, could you please copy the links from both places - where the song does and conversely does not appear as liked - and compare them? To be sure, send them to us here so we can have a look. 


Keep us posted.

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