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Issues with Spotify Song Radio/autoplay, possibly connected

Issues with Spotify Song Radio/autoplay, possibly connected






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I am experiencing issues with Spotify autoplay/radio creation across multiple clients and I theorize that they are related. The two issues I have are:

  1. On my Google Home devices, if I play a single song Autoplay does not work. In the past, Spotify would start a radio based on that song and the music would continue
  2. In my Tesla, if I play a single song the song metadata never advances (similar to the screen I get on my Google smart display) but a radio seems to start as new songs begin playing, despite only the first song being shown

The Google Home issue has been reported here:


Multiple Tesla users are also seeing the same issue as me:

These two issues have the following in common:

  1. Albums and playlists work fine; the only issue is when playing a single song
  2. In both cases, it seems like the radio (perhaps you could also call it an ad-hoc playlist) information is not being sent to the client. For Google Home devices they can't load the next song; for Tesla is has no metadata on the next song

Critically, both of these functionalities were working before. No setting was toggled on any client (e.g. autoplay) and to my knowledge it is not related to any app version, as both the Google Home client and Tesla client are independent of a phone/desktop client.


Unless Spotify is already aware of this issue, I think the best course of action here is for an internal Spotify developer to create a simple client utilizing the Spotify API and determine if song radios/autoplay works as expected. It seems very likely that this is a backend issue, and it would be great if Spotify could prioritize looking into this to ensure that 3rd party clients are working as expected.


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Hey there @steelcowboy


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community. 


Currently, the Autoplay feature can't be toggled on/off on external devices that don't use the mobile or the desktop app.


It seems also that some other users feel the way you do and posted this idea requesting the possibility to control Autoplay across all platforms and devices. You can add your support there by up-voting the idea. We'll inform on any developments there, as soon as there are any, so make sure to subscribe.


On another note, the folks at our tech team are currently looking into the issue you're experiencing with your car, so make sure to vote for the Ongoing Issue here, if you haven't already. Also, please provide us with the info we're asking for in the Status update in the comments. 


Though we can't set an exact time frame for when this will be fixed, it'll also be useful to Subscribe via the three-dots menu in the top right corner next to the title. We'll be sure to keep you updated with any news on the matter there.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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