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Joe Rogan Podcast - Stop Video

Joe Rogan Podcast - Stop Video

Is there a way to turn vide off whilst listening to the Joe Rogan podcast? I just want to listen to it and not have the podcast drain my phone battery. Same question for desktop version. 




78 Replies

It also requires a lot more data and conflicts with carplay.  Please offer Audio Only

Also causes trouble playing it without wifi cause it somehow needs service even though its downloaded

Agreed.  I listen to that podcast in my car during my commute, and today, it drained my battery MUCH faster than normal.  An option to utilize audio only would be great.

Agreed, I listen at work and normally my phone lasts me the day with podcasts playing for 10 hours. Today my phone was dead after listening to the equivalent of 1 episode of JRE. Tried turning off canvas and turned on data saver none of which turn off the video. Please fix!! 

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


While this isn't currently possible, there are a couple of related ideas that you can add your vote to:


  • hey, 


i understand that this was not your decision but it’s ridiculous to not have this as an option from the get go. 
easy enough to look at consumption data through the previous streaming platforms and then anticipate that same demand.

It’s a podcast that is unable to run without video. Let that sink in for a minute.


hoping for a fix asap. I can only imagine that you have a lot of eyes on that project internally. 


You take the most popular podcast in the world, and downgrade so many aspects, eg. this issue where there is no ability to listen only with audio to the most popular podcast in the world (where 60% of its listeners are audio only). With the investment spotify made in JRE, i cant believe that no one at spotify seems to actually understand this...

Braindead at Spotify HQ ... Time to see if they pay any attention to their community

Their moderators here Just copy and paste the same answer "if it gets enough up votes we will look at it"  while thousands on Reddit says they can't access the community forum side via mobile. I had to get a desktop computer and jump through hoops to do it too.

Then you look in this community section and see the disable video suggestion with 7 thousands of votes get a moderator say "while we don't gave plans to disable video, we are marking it as a good idea", thst was in Jan 2019...

I have no hope for any support from Spotify and am sad Joe will lose millions of viewers/listens and it won't be because they didn't try. They simply just can't listen...

yes, this is a major pain in the ass. I can't listen to this podcast anymore if its gonna waste my data. Im not watching the video when im driving for three hours. 


Turning on Offline Mode in settings has worked for me. If listening while changing the setting, just pause then play and it should switch to the episode image. Hope this helps, not ideal to have to go into settings anytime I want to listen to JRE, hopefully Spotify will fix this. 

This is obviously only useful for downloaded podcasts on mobile.

Please stop the video.

I have never "seen" a podcast of JRE and I don't need to. The video gets in the way and makes me listen to the episodes in a different player. I would like to make Spotify my sole podcast player, but the video issues with this podcast and lack of Your Mom's House makes this impossible.

If you buckle to the editorial demands of your employees, I will cancel my account all together.

It is such a joke that this issue wasn't thought of ahead of time.  One of the staples of my workday is downloading a JRE podcast, going on airplane mode, and locking into some deep, uninterrupted work.  Now even when the podcast is downloaded, play will be disrupted within a few minutes of activating offline mode within Spotify, airplane mode on the phone, etc.  Between the issues with playback and the editorial issues of censoring certain episodes, this could turn out to be a $100 million investment for naught if Spotify does not shape up quick.

  • A quick solution until they figure out a toggle system.

1. Download podcast

2. Turn phone airplane mode on

3. Activate bluetooth while in airplane mode to listen in car.

4. Play podcast (now video will be disabled)

 5. If you want you can toggle airplane mode on every so often to check text messages, email, etc.




Thank you for reaching out!  I have already tried this unless the sequencing is key.  I'm generally already connected to Airpods, download an episode, and then go on airplane mode with my fingers crossed for clean playback.  However, within a few minutes the podcast will continue to show time ticking off without anything playing and rewinds and fast forwards yield no result until you turn service back on.

I couldn't agree more. All sorts of playback issues when cell service is poor. Google podcast player works fine though. Please allow for no video!!!

Hi, Spotify needs to make fixing this a priority.


I am working away from WIFI and having to access the video feed to just get the audio is ridiculous as it eats up cell data like crazy.

Yup. I stopped using Spotify. I won't switch until they force me. 

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