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Joe Rogan Podcast - Stop Video

Joe Rogan Podcast - Stop Video

Is there a way to turn vide off whilst listening to the Joe Rogan podcast? I just want to listen to it and not have the podcast drain my phone battery. Same question for desktop version. 




Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


While this isn't currently possible, we value the feedback in this thread and have made sure that it reaches the right team. We always strive to improve, so you can be sure that your voices will be heard.

In the meantime, there are also a couple of related ideas on our Exchange that you can add your vote to:

You can find more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange in this Spotify Answer.


Keep in mind, that if you don't have a good mobile connection or you want to save data, you can download the episodes while on WiFi and turn on Offline Mode. You'll then be able to listen to the audio of the podcast with only the app being offline. No need to turn on Airplane mode to disable any other network functionality.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, we are here for you.

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wth That isnt a solution. Do you even understand the problem?

is this customer service we get for a platform we are paying to use?!?!?!?

**bleep**ing seriously?

I used to open you tube, click JRE and it would play without any issues. Why cant spotify do the same thing?

Is there a way to prevent the video from playing when listening on a desktop? 

Ok, I see that there are these two "ideas" for video on podcasts, but no movement from Spotify. I would like to reiterate that the user interface for podcasts with video is practically intolerable. I just started a podcast that I wound up not liking, and there is no way to close the video and go back to the main browsing list (short of playing a track that has no video and basically starting over from scratch). I'm a longtime Spotify customer, and I've always thought the app worked great for mobile and desktop--well designed. I was excited that Joe Rogan was moving to Spotify, but the app has been bad enough that it practically makes me want to stop listening to JRE. Not what you guys paid $100 million for and and not up to the standards I've come to expect. Fix this and let us disable video. And just generally fix the podcast UI design. Please.

Great stuff. Now look how Spotify ignores everything you have typed and still marks it as solved. Enjoy the Spotify complaint process. Soylent Green is people!


All Spotify needs to do is have a button 'Audio only '   so when we are in the car or whatever, it streams audio only through our mobile data. Most of us don't pre download in advance at home of wifi for our commute. Spotify's 'solution ' above is not user friendly so we will just end up listening to other podcasts on other services out of convience. TBH most of us have just stopped listening to JRE and there is plenty of other good podcasts to keep us busy.

For what it is worth, I stopped listening to Rogan.  I can't believe he went all in and made his podcast the least accessible podcast I know.  I have been with Spotify since the early beta days.  This is the first time that I have started to have any negative feelings towards Spotify.  Podcasts need to be their own thing.  Music lovers are the number one users of your platform.  Please don't forget about us.  Many of us have our entire family on Spotify.  This is the first time I have ever explored other options.  Please focus on the music and accessibility.  You are directly impacting users with limited bandwidth, and making it less ADA compliant.

Spotify just don't care either. They just keep locking these threads and marking them as "solved". I guess they really do only care about money.

I have premium. What solution are you talking about? Do you work for Spotify?

Same! There is no solution under settings data limiter for premium.

Is there any update on Audio Only JRE?  The video one destroys my CPU and I have tried all the other fixes.  

Can you explain how this is not possible?  Almost all of the podcasts on your platform are audio only.

This forum’s been going for months now. If you’re looking for competence or
work ethic, Spotify’s not the place. Low-level employees are too busy
trying to cancel their $100 million man to solve legitimate issues that
peasants like us (who pay their salary....for now before we switch back to
Apple Music) have with the product

10 million dollar idea. Make a audio only version of JRE only available on premium and you would have a million subscribers by weeks end. I would be first to signup. 

Premium member, same issue here too and to me it sounds very basic feature to provide. Spotify has the worst UI in my opinion, I find it really difficult to navigate at times in my Android device and on DT..  Lucky they are still making money and not bothering about their platforms usability.  May be there isn't a good alternate out there !!!

Data Saver option does not seem to be available on desktop. Also, it lowers audio quality significantly which is undesirable for most.

The obvious solution is to provide an option to turn off video. It is mind boggling that this is not implemented on a podcast platform.

Not solved!

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