Keeps starting from the beginning of my liked songs

Keeps starting from the beginning of my liked songs







iPhone XR

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I am playing music in my liked songs not on shuffle, and every 3 songs approximately, it switches and starts playing from the very top of my liked songs list - no prompting, and then it continues in order from the top. No matter what song I choose, every 3 songs it restarts from the top. When I put it on shuffle this doesn’t happen. But I don’t always like to listen to my songs on shuffle....I tried changing all my login information but it is still happening. It’s very annoying. What do I do? 

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Hey there @Alexa5!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for bringing this up with us.


Right now we have an Ongoing issue with what you seem to be experiencing with your queue.  


You can take a look here to see what steps you can take to try and solve this. Feel free to leave your details and +Vote in the thread as well.


Hopefully we'll have this sorted out soon, keep an eye on the page for any updates.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help out with 🙂

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