Late Night Jazz playlist disappeared

Late Night Jazz playlist disappeared

About 8 hours ago I listened to the "Late Night Jazz" playlist by Spotify and now I'm sitting here back at the desk stunned by the fact that spotify apparently changed the whole playlist without any warning. I wasn't even aware that playlists except the charts and top songs were changed frequently. Is there any way I could get the old tracklist or playlist back? Does someone on here have the playlist saved?


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I had the same dilemma. I can't help you solve it unfortunately, but I can at least empathise! Lesson learned: if there's a good track on that playlist, then "like" it so it's saved in my "liked" list. Also I should say that the "Late Night Jazz" playlist is amazing. Consistently great tracks. Kudos to whoever compiles it.

Same here bro, really sad about that.

I've founded the version I was looking for here:

The song I was after: Enzo - Vincent Peirani

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