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Liked Playlist Still Adding Suggested Songs I Did Not Pick

Liked Playlist Still Adding Suggested Songs I Did Not Pick





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My Issue


I'm aware that the Liked Playlist is supposed to stop adding random songs Spotify adds itself by the time you reach over 15(?) songs, and my Liked Playlist has reached over 21 songs. So why am I still getting random "we added" songs in my playlist? 


For a couple weeks it completely stopped, but now it's back. Every time I try to play my music, there's suggested songs I don't want to listen to; this wouldn't be as much of an irritation as it is if it wasn't for the fact free users only get 6 skips. I have my personal opinions on both of these mechanics, but I'm just concerned about stopping the random songs from popping up in my playlist. 


Please help! 

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Hey @HawkeJade,


with Spotify Free on mobile, you can only play on shuffle, with the exclusion of some "Pick and Play" playlists.


You cannot choose which playlists will be pick and play and they change from time to time. The songs that get added are also part of the Free tier as there's a certain amount of artists and tracks that need to be present in a playlist to prevent manually modifying playlists in such a way to get around the shuffle requirement.


Having full control of playlists and playback is one of the main features of the Premium subscription.

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Wow that's money hungry

This would be in the Privacy and Settings option in the menu, you would be able to turn off or on the "We Added" songs, turning this of would remove the We Added songs on any playlist, this would also work on the free accounts too, for everyone to enjoy.

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