Liked Songs playlist not showing any songs

Liked Songs playlist not showing any songs





United States


Dell Latitude E6510

Operating System

Linux Mint ver. 17.3


My Question or Issue

Literally the title. The "Liked Songs" playlist shows the skateboard guy screen while showing the text, "Your favorite songs will appear here. Go to your "Browse" page to find amazing playlists for every mood and moment." A redirect button to Browse also appears. I've tried rebooting, reinstalling, switching wi-fi networks, pretty much everything. Nothing worked yet.

Screenshot at 2019-11-13 21:23:41.png
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Oh yeah, to anyone stuck with this, I just went into the physical files and cleared the cache and that solved the issue.


dude, i have the same problem recently. but what do you mean ,something physical,how can i find them

dude, could you tell me what should i do , the same problem.

same problem


Alright, more detailed solution - bear in mind I've had this problem a long time ago so take my words with a bit of caution.


To fix my problem I first uninstalled Spotify, then went into the physical cache files of Spotify and deleted them. On Linux they are under "~/.cache/spotify", and on Windows they are under "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage" (but I don't use Windows so I'm not exactly sure). Making sure Spotify was uninstalled and not present in any form, I deleted all the files inside the folder, then re-installed Spotify to generate a new copy of the files I deleted. This fixed the issue for me, but seeing as this was over half a year ago, I am not guaranteeing any resolution to your issues.


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