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Liked songs in saved album


Liked songs in saved album




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  • Device

OnePlus 5T

Operating System

Android version 9 (?)


My Question or Issue

Is it possible to see my liked songs by album? 

Before a certain recent update, I used to use Spotify like this:

- new album comes out, I download  it on my phone to listen in the underground (offline)

- this would automatically save the album and like all the songs in it

- I would then unlike the songs I didn't like upon listening

- after a few listens I would have say 4 or 5 songs liked, and I would undownload the album

- subsequently, every time I would get back to that album I didn't have the full album saved, only the songs I liked ...


Now there seems to be no way to only listen to 4 songs on an album, even if I like 1 song, the entire album is saved (including songs I don't like)...

So is there a way to look at my library of liked songs and sort it by album? 


(Clear example, what if I want to listen to Dre 2001 but NOT that stupid interlude "time 4 **bleep**" ? Currently the only way i see is build a playlist or skip that song as it comes on...)

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Re: Liked songs in saved album


It's not possible. If you save the album then the whole album is saved to albums section. If you save a song or songs from that album then those are added to liked songs playlist. You can't have partial albums in albums section.


Re: Liked songs in saved album

If you save the album, but say only like half the tracks the whole album will show with the filled in heart symbol against the tracks you like and unfilled heart symbol against the ones that are unliked, but if you played that album it would play the unliked ones too

The only way (I think ) you can do it on an android is you download the tracks you like then when you go into albums on your phone, drag down from the top, choose filters and tick downloads, that may just show the liked ones (as long as they are downloaded too)... Ive not tested this myself though.