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Liked songs now grouping by release

Liked songs now grouping by release






iPhone 12

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Up until the weekend, when I went into liked songs for an artist it showed all of the sings I had liked and for the most part downloaded so I could start playing one song and it would shuffle all of them.


I did an update sunday I think it was and now suddenly I go into an artist and it lists the albums I have liked so I cannot then shuffle all tracks only tracks on that album.


For example Mammoth WVH has one album and one single from a forthcoming album. If I go into liked songs it shows both but if I start playing the single then it just repeat plays the single and conversely if I go into the album it ignores the single.


I found a few other topics on here which were similar but none gave an answer which helped.....

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When we follow an artist, we can either play their separate albums or all their songs on shuffle.

It’d be great if we could have a folder for every artist whose songs we have added as favourite, and when we select a particular artist, we get only all our favourite songs from that artist. Any way of listening to just particular songs from an artist without having to create a separate playlist for each artist would be great. 
The easier version of this could be just adding the option to listen to a particular artist from our “liked songs”. 
Hope something like this can work out. 

How can I see all the songs from the all the liked releases and all my liked songs of an artist in a single list (just like in the computer app)


Premium Family


United States


iPhone 11

Operating System

iOS 16.3.1


My Question

I can't tell if this is a bug (because it used to work) or if Spotify removed the ability on purpose. I posted the Idea here to get the feature restored. The content of that post is as follows:


This ability used to be on Spotify, but was recently removed - or is a bug. I am using the iOS mobile app. Latest app version and iOS.



For an artist, I might "like" some songs - adding them to my Liked Songs playlist - as my favorites. But I also "like" some of the artist's albums even though I don't want all those songs in my Liked Songs playlist. Good so far.



When viewing an artist page, right below the header there is a section that says:

You liked

10 songs, 4 releases

Say those 4 releases result in another 20 songs. I use to be able to click that line and then shuffle play all 30 songs. But starting recently only the 10 liked songs will play. And if 0 songs are liked, it will show "4 releases" and then not play anything at all when clicking the Play button on the next page!


Since I download all my liked songs and albums to avoid using cell data for streaming, I tried turning Offline playback mode on. Then I see this on the artist page:

Downloaded songs

30 songs

Decent duct tape work-around - right? I should be able to click on that line and then shuffle play all 30 downloaded songs... but it doesn't work. It actually only plays the 10 liked songs. Even if this did work, it is still a clunky "solution" - it really should work the same way when Offline mode is off - like it used to work.



I just want to easily listen to all the songs and albums I've liked for an artist. I understand this is not a perfect solution either but is better than the current options.

The thing is that in the mobile you see the liked albums and songs separately. In the computer app you see them together. I want to see them together in the mobile app as like in the windows app.


Forgot to say, this is only on my iphone.


On the laptop if I go to liked songs for Mammoth WVH it shows I have liked 18 songs....

Hey @amsle123456,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Can you please let us know your exact app version and how you've reached the view in the first screenshot (where exactly you've clicked), so we can investigate further?

Keep us posted.

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app version:

to get to the first window in IOS: your library -> select any followed artist -> click You liked (at the top of the artists page)

Just tried as you did putting offline play on and get the same.


For Mammoth it says liked 18 songs but then when I go into the liked area it reverts to showing two releases.


Come on Spotify change the update so this can be done again......

Hey everyone,

This seems to be a test we're currently running on iOS. We've forwarded your feedback to the relevant team.


The Community is always here if something else comes up in the meantime.

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If you appreciate an answer, maybe give it a Like.
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This update is so frustrating to me.


Previously, if I liked an album and/or some singles from an artist, they would all display in one list that I could shuffle on my phone. Currently, when I navigate to an artist, it will show the handful of individual songs I've liked and collect any full albums I liked into a 'liked releases' section. What is frustrating about this for me is that I can no longer just shuffle all of the 'liked' music for an artist with ease on my mobile device; only the liked singles will shuffle (great a solid 5 songs or so). 


Do I have to like all the individual songs or will that just collect into a liked 'release' that is still the album? Do I have to create a playlist now for each artist and make my own collection? Why roll out this UX vs the way it was before and how can I be more involved in the way the music I like is presented to me? Oftentimes, these changes happen discretely- with no notification and with no affirmation on my part that it's what I want. Even more frustrating is that I don't even know it's happened until I'm ready to go on my long distance run training and the music I planned to listen to is now all jumbled and I've got to either delay my training to resolve it or just give up altogether. The old way doesn't prevent me from listening to an individual album if I wanted but this new UX completely removes the primary way I previously engaged with your mobile app, and I'm blanking on use cases that would illicit a need for this new UX. 

Additionally, I see that someone else has noted this in a post from 2019 and Spotify acknowledge it, marked it as Implemented, and moved on. It's 2023. Did we roll back to the old UI that people clearly didn't like?? I'm so confused with this change- why bring this back when people already provided feedback and the Idea was implemented? It's almost like someone merged an old PR and it shipped with the iOS version

While this is the latest discrete UI change to frustrate me with Spotify, it's far from the first, and I really wish the update process to for this app (for desktop, mobile, etc) was more transparent with what the update entails. This update (not sure if this particular aspect is a bug or feature) is exceedingly frustrating, especially given the lack of response now that I've seen others are dealing with it as well. I'm strongly considering switching streaming platforms at this point- I have no interest in learning how to navigate a new user interface every few months just to listen to my music, especially when I'm paying for this service. I wanted a music streaming app, not a puzzle simulator.

It certainly is frustrating.


The shuffle play is one of the main reasons I use Spotify despite having free Amazon Music with my Prime subscription.


If it is not fixed I suspect I will cancel the Spotify subscription as it costs £17 a month or whatever it is.


I am certainly not going to go back through and like individual songs instead of albums, it will take forever. My favourite group is Rush and I have near on 30 albums and 200 songs selected!


The solution above doesn't really works because the songs in the liked list aren't in the album's original order, when ordering by artists which is what I have in the original solution.

Secondly, If i liked and album and not a song it doesn't appear in the liked list song.


The only solution is to remove all the liked songs and albums and than manually like each song - which is impractical and will still cause problems in order between artists.

Please pass to the relevant team that this solution is horrible, and is there a way to remove it from this testing?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had this issue because this has been rather infuriating. Having to unlike an album and individually relike every song in the album to add it under an artist's liked songs shouldn't be the way I have to approach listening to all the songs from an artist I follow. I'm glad to hear this is a test feature, and I see how this might be helpful for some, but there should be the option to switch it off or toggle between two views etc.

Hopefully this will be changed back again soon then....

Will this be fixed? Bad decision to group them into albums. I’ve spent years building up liked songs from artists and now I have lost it all with the “liked release” feature. Really frustrating.

I hate this new feature. Please make so al liked songs and albums are in 1 list, so they can all be shuffled. Or make it optional at least. 

I've noticed that since Spotify was updated recently, for a lot of artists, whole albums are not showing as "Liked" on my iPhone or iPad, but are showing on my desktop app. But when I tap into the album, it already says that it's liked.


For example, on my desktop, it shows that I have liked 81 songs by Halestorm, but if I go onto my iPhone, it shows I've only liked 57 songs, with 2 entire albums not showing in the "Liked" songs (but again, when I go into those albums, they show that I've already liked them).


All playlists seem to be fine, but sometimes I just want to binge one artist.


I've already conducted multiple "clean reinstalls" as suggested in other threads, and rebooted my device several times, but nothing has worked.







iPhone 12 Pro Max

Operating System


All of my added songs for a particular artist, whether they were a couple of liked songs from an album, or an entire added album, are now divided. For example it says “You Liked 14 Songs • 16 Releases.”

The problem now, is that since they’re divided, they won’t play together anymore. Only the liked songs play, not the albums.

Anyone else having this issue? Is it going to be fixed? I don’t mind that it’s all divided, I would just like for it to all play again.

Any news on an update? There have been two or so app updates on my phone since this thread and none of them have changed the issue back....

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