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Liked songs now grouping by release

Liked songs now grouping by release






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Up until the weekend, when I went into liked songs for an artist it showed all of the sings I had liked and for the most part downloaded so I could start playing one song and it would shuffle all of them.


I did an update sunday I think it was and now suddenly I go into an artist and it lists the albums I have liked so I cannot then shuffle all tracks only tracks on that album.


For example Mammoth WVH has one album and one single from a forthcoming album. If I go into liked songs it shows both but if I start playing the single then it just repeat plays the single and conversely if I go into the album it ignores the single.


I found a few other topics on here which were similar but none gave an answer which helped.....

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While I get the appeal of displaying liked albums in this view, 'playing all liked songs by an artist' is a basic yet core feature for many.  Please review this feature asap and adjust the UI to support the previous functionality.

This issue has been driving me nuts as well. Not sure when it started, but it hasn't always been this way and I don't have this issue on desktop. Only mobile. Below is a screenshot example of how it appears. While it shows the 'Play' and 'Shuffle' icons, nothing ever happens when you hit 'Play.'



The only way I have found around this issue is to go into the albums and "like" all the songs, rather than the album itself.

This issue just started for me after the most recent update. Any word on a fix? I'm on Android, Galaxy S23 Ultra

Not sure why they cannot be bothered to fix something which they changed and is universally disliked?


At the beginning of this thread they seemed to be saying it was a test and would be changed back but still it is there.....

It’s getting even worse for me. Sometimes songs or whole albums do not show up, but when I want to heart them, they already are. No easy for me to get them in the like songs list 😠

 you are really ruining the experience and obviously don’t give a duck

There used to be a play button in the red circle. Are there plans to bring it back?





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Galaxy S21 ultra 

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Android 13


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Two days ago, I noticed that the ability to listen to all of my liked releases by a given artist has been removed. This was one of the main ways that I used Spotify so it has made the app near unusable for me. I really don't want to have to move to a different music streaming service after using Spotify for 6 years but this change might force me to. I can't simply like each song from each release since I would hit the cap on the number of liked songs instantly.


The only ways I've found to listen to multiple releases since this change is to either put all liked releases by an artist into a playlist, which I'd rather not have to do for every artist whose releases I've ever liked; or I can queue each release each time I want to listen to them, which doesn't then allow me to shuffle those songs plus I would have to do it manually each time.

I realised I should probably include an example. Here I have a load of liked releases but there's no way to listen to all of them


I think I am experiencing the same issue. There's no longer a way to access all liked songs per artist aside from putting them all in a playlist. I can only access one separate album at a time by a specific artist.

This has made my way of using spotify instantly impossible and I am greatly saddened by this change.


I am using premium on a Fairphone 4, Android 12


For reference, I use a mobile android device, and have only had this issue after updating the app. 


I typically like to shuffle all my liked songs by an artist by going under the artist's profile, going under "Liked Songs" (which is now Liked Releases), and pressing shuffle. Now, if I want to do that, I have to like every single song on an album just to have it play in the lineup, and it's inconvenient and time consuming, especially if the artist has rerecordings, several albums, longer albums or just a lot of releases in general. 


The way my library was set up: let's say I liked two whole albums by Taylor Swift for example. We'll say those albums were titled, evermore and reputation. The albums would appear in my liked songs under the artist's profile in a list, and would appear in alphabetical order of the albums. Now, I'd have to go like every single song just to have the artist's discography on shuffle. 


I think Spotify should reconsider this change, and reinstate the way a user's liked songs by a specific artist was set up. I've been using Spotify premium for almost 5 years, and this is the only time I've disliked an update to the app. 


For reference on what my library currently looks like under two different artist's I listen to, I'll add two photos.


Hopefully this all makes sense!


Hey folks, 


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome. 


@CliffordTDog, in order to add those songs ( (single, EP, Albums that are added as releases), as a workaround, we'd suggest you like the actual songs by opening the releases so they're added to the playlist of liked songs by an artist. We appreciate the time you took to let us know your comments on the matter.


@Faolinn, can you replicate the behavior you've mentioned no matter what profile artist you access to? Can you replicate this same behavior on a different device? It'd be awesome if you could check. If this is happening on one specific artist's profile, make sure to share with us said profile by following the steps in this article.


Keep us in the loop!

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Hi AlejaR, as I mentioned in my original post this isn't feasible due to the 10k liked song limit. It would also clog up my liked songs which I really don't want

What a terrible update to the app. Completely ruined the way I use Spotify and have already signed up for Apple music so I can listen to music the way I have always done so. 


Its like spotify try to go one step forward and then ten steps back. Is this function going to return? 








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I listen to my music by artist. This new update has changed the layout for my liked items under artists. This greatly affects the way i find new songs from said artist. I would like individual albums to access and collect all of the songs released by said artist. That way I could then listen to my artist as I would a regular playlist. I would then like the songs i enjoyed and ensured that my like songs folder was filled with songs i truly liked. I can no longer do this with this new update.


Could we have some options to customize how  view our artist "Libraries" please.

I'm not sure why you all stopped this, but you need to bring it back. When I like multiple albums from the same artist, it saves them individually and I can't shuffle their albums together when I go look to see everything I've liked. It makes me pick an album and shuffles nothing else. Please bring this back, it makes listening to the entire catalog of an artists songs so much easier without having to create 1k playlists with specific albums/songs you want to hear and not the ones you don't/haven't liked.

I was complaining about the same thing yesterday but I see you put it way more eloquently/simple to understand manner lol but you hit it nail on the head. Whoever thought this was a good idea, messed up hard. Bring back the ultimate artist shuffle!

Prrreeeaaaccchhh!! For real though this idea is like wth were you thinking. Do you yourselves not use spotify or....?


Samsung Galaxy S23


My Question or Issue

I tried to go into an artist I was following and shuffle all of the music i had saved by them.  It used to be that you could go to liked songs by artist and everything you had saved by that artist was in there, including albums with the entire song list. Now when I am in there it is only letting me shuffle individual songs I had saved and I'm not able to shuffle through saved albums. Is there a way to fix this? It's very annoying because that has never been an issue before. I often listen to artists this way and if I can only listen to liked songs and not albums that's an issue.

I'm sorry, but this "feature" needs to be reverted. I literally listen to hundreds of different bands, I don't want to have to go like every single song by them to "work around" this change. This worked fine before!!!

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