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Liked songs now grouping by release

Liked songs now grouping by release






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Up until the weekend, when I went into liked songs for an artist it showed all of the sings I had liked and for the most part downloaded so I could start playing one song and it would shuffle all of them.


I did an update sunday I think it was and now suddenly I go into an artist and it lists the albums I have liked so I cannot then shuffle all tracks only tracks on that album.


For example Mammoth WVH has one album and one single from a forthcoming album. If I go into liked songs it shows both but if I start playing the single then it just repeat plays the single and conversely if I go into the album it ignores the single.


I found a few other topics on here which were similar but none gave an answer which helped.....

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My app was updated this morning (to version and my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also up to date. I am seeing no change. There is no play button and liked songs are still grouping by release. 


My IPhone 14 Pro is up to date (iOS 17.4.1) and so is my Spotify app ( but nothing has changed! Saved albums are still not playable in „liked songs from artist“.

I really thought this time there will be a fix, but no. 
please, please, please fix this feature 😭

Hey folks,

Hope you're doing well 🙂
We have an update to share here but, unfortunately, it's not what you all have been waiting to see -

The issue is still on our radar but its solution seems to be more complicated than initially expected.
Because of this we can't know the exact date for when it will get addressed.

We'll let you know as soon as we know anything new on the subject but in the meantime - keep your apps up to date.
Take care!

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Sorry, but that’s BS. If this is a „feature“ here to stay, just say so! Say „now on mobile apps you have to like every song of an album individually to make it appear on the liked song list“ but don’t go on like „we fixed it! Oh wait, we didn’t“.
It’s just an app to stream music, no rocket science. In the meantime other flashy features got introduced! So there seem to be people working on it. Just step up the criticality of the Jira issue and fix the damn bug, if it is one!

This is really confusing. It's rolling back an update to restore a feature. They shouldn't need to build anything new into the software. 

It feels like we're all being strung along here as this topic has been discussed various places with the same "it's coming keep the app updated" response. If it's a feature that was killed off and not coming back - please just tell us. 

Another update still no change. How blooming difficult can it be?

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