List Albums under Artist view?!


Re: List Albums unter Artist view?!


I just switched back to Spotify Premium from Apple Family Music.  The lack of this feature is going to send me back to Apple.  I like Spotify's help in finding new music, but the inability to display artists' music by album is a dealbreaker.

Re: List Albums unter Artist view?!

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Are you getting this yet mods?....


You guys are the communicators, the middle ground, the voice of hundreds of thousands of people. I know you work for them, but there IS no them without US. Tell them! We want Artists>Albums. TELL THEM!!!!!!!!


..seriously though, send it up..

Re: List Albums under Artist view?!

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Still hasn't been fixed. In fact, the link you provided is now a closed discussion. With over 5,000 votes. I have just canceled my subscription because clearly, after a year of "valued" listeners giving their input on this, you do not listen. 


***Update***switched to amazon music!