Local Files Song Causes Playlists to De-sync

Local Files Song Causes Playlists to De-sync


Anytime I add a local file song to a playlist on any platform, it causes that playlist to de-sync and two versions of that playlist begin to exist. One version with the local file song, that is on the platform where I made the change and and another version on all other platforms that lacks the local files song. Any changes made to either versions of the playlist ends up not translating to other platforms. The only way to re-sync up playlists is to clear the cache on the platform where the initial change was made. This reverts the playlist back to a state before the local files song was added. This means that it is impossible for me to transfer local files songs from my desktop to my iOS device as any time I attempt to add a local files song to a playlist on my desktop, the playlists de-sync and thus the song does not show up in the playlist on my phone. I have tried reinstalling app on both my pc and phone but neither fixes the issue.


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this is very much an issue on spotify's end that they need to address however  while i wasn't able to fix the issue 100%, i did make a little bit of a workaround and i know how to fix playlists once they desync.


the devices i primarily use on spotify are my macbook pro and my lg velvet. my macbook is where i add 99% of the music and the velvet is what i use for listening on the go and whatnot. i never liked spotify's mobile interface for playlist making and whatnot.



how to make the playlists sync again:

1. delete ALL of the local files from the playlist on both devices.

2. delete the playlist entirely

3. recover the playlist here 


how to make local files sync (kinda, u still can't add them to playlists):

1. listen to the local file on one device 

2. open the other device and have the devices sync

3. like the track on the device the local file isn't from

4. download your liked songs list but do so on the same internet connection on both devices


it'll save a separate copy on each device which means you can't add them to playlists without them desyncing again but i hope this helps a little bit while spotify at least tries to address the issue. 




Bump on this topic since I also experienced the same just yesterday when I was adding new local files to a playlist.
My old local files are also just fine but upon adding new local files from desktop, everything goes awry. Also, if I add an old local file that is working to a new playlist, it would also cause the same errors as if it was a new local file. 

So there must be a bug with local files in general for some reason.
Already did reinstalls, etc., nothing fixed it. 
Hoping Spotify sees this issue. 


The issue appears to have been solved a few hours ago. Thanks for the quick action, Spotify!


Issue is solved for me as well. Thanks Spotify! Now if only we could copy/paste local files between playlists in the new destkop UI...


Hey folks,


Thanks for the info 🙂


@potverpillepap, @ranoa513 Glad to hear that it worked out and everything is working as expected again.


If the issue persists for some of you, it sounds like you might be experiencing this issue. It's a good idea to follow the steps under Status Update, add your +Vote and Subscribe to the thread, so you can stay up-tp-date with relevant any news about this.


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