Local Files won´t play in my phone/tablet

Local Files won´t play in my phone/tablet

I have some music in my laptop, which I now added to my playlists in Spotify by enabling the Local Files function. In my laptop they play normally, but when I try to listen to them in another device, the songs appear unavailable.






iPhone X and iPad



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I am having the same issue, over and over again. The only way to fix this, is by adding a . at the end of the original file name. So for instance: help becomes help., this is the only way to get songs to sync that appear somewhere on Spotify yet are not really available in my country. This sucks so much! Please allow us to sync local files without so much trouble! Please! Why is it so hard to sync songs I have stored locally?

Hey, hope you're doing great. Really sorry for the trouble. Here to help.

1. Check if both your devices are updated to the latest version.

2. Both your devices should be connected to the same wifi. Only then you'll be able to see those Synced files. 

3. Check if you're logged in to the same account on both the devices.


I'm attaching a hyperlink with steps to sync local files to all devices. If you follow those carefully, I'm sure you'll problem will definitely be solved. It's short and easy. 


Click here - Synchronisation 

I hope I could be of some help. If I was able to solve your problem, I'd be glad if you mark this as a solution. 

Thanks and cheers!

Have a good day😀

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