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Local files won't download to mobile device

Local files won't download to mobile device



Country: U.S.



(iPhone 11 Pro Max)

Operating System

(iOS 14)


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I've been working on this playlist slowly and doing so requires me to add new songs to my local files. The local files work fine on desktop, but they're not syncing to my phone. The playlist is saved for offline play, I'm connected to the same wifi my computer is and I've tried various methods to get the local files to sync like adding them to a different playlist and doing a re-install of Spotify on dekstop. I'm not sure what else I can do. This is an issue that began starting at least on August 21st and any work I've done on my playlist that required new local files have not synced onto my iPhone since then.

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I've done some more tests. I was able to download my files onto an iPhone 7 that I no longer use. Both phones are connected to the same WiFi, but the iPhone 11 does not download the files. Additionally, I reinstalled my Spotify app on the iPhone 11 and updated to iOS 14.1. My phone cannot download local files still and any that I had downloaded before are now not on my phone and are unable to be redownloaded.

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