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Lost playlists & how to search for titles in your playlists

Lost playlists & how to search for titles in your playlists






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I was looking for an old playlist of mine on my account with some specific titles that were gather altogether but to my surprise, I can’t find it anymore. I am 99% sure that I did not erase it and unfortunately, I cannot look for it in my library by searching for the few titles I remember there were. 
And I think this is not the only playlist that is missing (I may have 1 or 2 I can’t find anymore and I am not the type to erase playlists). Does Spotify allow to search for titles that are included in playlists in your library? And is it possible that some of my playlists have just disappeared? 
I really loved this playlist but I can’t remember all of the titles that were there…


Thanks for your help! 


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Hey @Petitratdelopera,

Thanks for reaching out.

It's currently not possible to search within Your Library only, however, if you think this would be a handy feature, please make sure to vote for this idea.


As a next step, we'd recommend checking your Recover Playlists section on your account page using these steps. If you can't find the playlists there, try downloading a copy of your personal data as described here.

We hope this helps. 

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