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Lyrics are missing for free users

Lyrics are missing for free users

on spotify it is showing i need premium to see lyrics 💀💀


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This is gonna make me switch to some other music app Spotify is going way too far

In almost every single song i cant see the lyrics and they used to show them, its not the premium thing, it jus appears that there arent any lyrics to see but i tried it on anorher account and they appear, i also tried on my laptop and they doesnt appear neither

No, I use the web and it doesn't work, for specific songs, the authors choose if they want to make it free or premium ig

The words we're referring to are gatekeeping words. They are the specific words we want to emphasize. I understand your concern about individuals receiving only $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. However, I fail to grasp how you can question, "How low can people stoop?" and consider yourself superior to everyone else. I would like to shift the focus to the words underlying the transition to something that I personally enjoy or that thousands or millions of people appreciate. It's not a matter of being "greedy" since this was previously a free feature. Previously, we were "supporting the artist" by providing them with $0.003 per stream. I cannot just send Lil Uzi Vert $100 on Cash App and advise him to stay safe; it doesn't work like that. Spotify takes a cut, their label takes a cut, and they take a cut as well. Additionally, individuals like me enjoy free things, such as listening to a podcast featuring only Nostalgia Ultra songs. Real funny, aint it?

from like 5 days i cant see the lyrics i think i will change to youtube

I can't watch the lyrics as well, I rage deleted spotify XD

I need them lyrics, ads were annoying enough, but i need them lyrics

bring them **bleep**ing back

this is just the same thing to people who cant see well

you have to pay, to see, i mean, okay atleast you can kind of see before paying

but you need to pay to read??? how about the deaf people...!?

Fr tho like I wanna see the lyrics

If you guys want to get lyrics for all songs and for free, as well as some extra perks I would recommend Spicetify.

Spicetify is an add on to Spotify which allows you to install different themes and extensions, all for free.

You can change the theme, get a free AD Blocker and also get lyrics for all songs for free.





This picture shows my custom theme which I installed, and me getting synced lyrics for free.
Also on the sidebar, you should be able to see I have extra options one of them is the marketplace, which is where you install extensions and themes, the other one is statistics which is just an extension I installed from the marketplace.

The installation does require some basic knowledge on how to use the Command Prompt (CMD), but it shouldn't be beyond anyone, as long as you read the installation steps well.

PS: I don't think you can get banned for this (I haven't)

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