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Lyrics are missing for free users

Lyrics are missing for free users

on spotify it is showing i need premium to see lyrics 💀💀


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228 Replies

Charging money for a feature that works perfectly, syncs perfectly, is justified. Problem is, it isn't.

That's why I'm still using the free version with zero ads. I download songs to my PC and devices. If I want lyrics, I simply look it up and bookmark it, save the HTML page.
I'm mostly interested in Romanized version lyrics of anime songs, so the Japanese lyrics being displayed in the app is inapplicable for my use case.

Does anyone know anything abt the monthly limit??

i was literally opening up spotify and i try opening the lyrics and it jst says "Enjoy more on spotify premium" spotify is SRSLY not getting anything or any profit from this the rating are DROPPING..

this greedy ass company bro

No lyrics today.  Only more artist information…

Not only is this just a horrible feature to block behind a paywall, but it's also a horrible business move. 

The whole appeal of Spotify was that even if you didn't have Spotify Premium, you could still enjoy music with minimum ads and a shuffle mode. 

It's not drawing more users to Premium. It is instead destroying the user base.  

Stupid move if you ask me- If within the near future, this is a newly confirmed Premium feature (which it shouldn't, I still maintain that it's a horrible move business or otherwise, again with that whole 'appeal' stuff) I will no longer be using the app and finding a more suitable replacement instead. Restricting your free users will not make them want to give you money. 

Why did they remove lyrics and only give them to premium users? This is stupid as **bleep**, and at this point, they are going to make everything for premium users. Just bring lyrics back to free users!


Well, if you're using the free version and used as a lab rat, maybe spotiffffy should give  a little incentive. How about properly synced lyrics? Not to mention a huge list of songs without one. Same greedy tactics leaking out of the platform directly from executives. I'm programming a Windows app for my music needs.

spotify just pushing it at this point


spotify removing features just to try to grab more paying customers is honestly so embarassing for them. do they not realize how much it's making them look cheap and tacky?

I need to see the lyrics for my friends that are hard of hearing and also want to enjoy the music with me, needing to pay for this is not worth the money I would just go to youtube or apple music if need be but Spotify just works better but this is stupid because some people just can't pay or don't have the need for premium but now need to pay and its just stupid. Spotify please fix this.

Yes, I agree, I think Spotify is becoming more, and more useless by the minute, I used to love it absolutely,

   but now it just seems like they're destroying everyone's hopes of enjoying music and seeing the lyrics. If Spotify keeps this up I believe in the future it will have a major downfall.

Can’t even look at the **bleep**ing lyrics without premium. What’s the **bleep**ing point in this, I’m not buying premium just to look at song lyrics. Looks like free users don’t even have the privilege to look at some song lyrics. Also seems like you’re begging for money, may as well switch to sound cloud.. You better fix this or expect Spotify users to switch to other music apps.

You better **bleep**ing fix this, how greedy is your company that you need to put some **bleep**ing lyrics behind a blocked wall for free users. If you want money that **bleep**ing bad go beg on the streets or something.

Spotify is charging you for *everything* now! For what? Because inflation, probably. Cut the bs spotify.

yeah i hate it so much i just wanted to sing my fav song but i dont know the lyrics out my head and the lyrics are not that clear to me

Even tho we are free users we are bringing income to spotify every song we load and play so it **bleep** to lose the lyrics

😭Bro i was trying to listen to Metallica and I look at the lyrics on to get "🤓☝️ you need premium" 

That's crazy

I can't get lyrics on ANYTHING. It's so annoying. It was fine yesterday like WTFF 💀

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