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Missing playlists and songs out of order

Missing playlists and songs out of order






(iPhone 11 plus)

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(iOS 14.2)


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I have 2 different issues:

1) I’m missing several playlists from my library. I’ve tried to use the recovery feature but it tells me I have no deleted playlists. I don’t have any separate accounts and I only use Spotify from my phone. I haven’t tried to recover anything from my laptop but don’t know if that’ll make any difference. How else can I get these playlists back?


2) songs from playlists have been saved in a completely different/random order. How can I get them back in the same order without having to manually do it? 

thanks for any assistance 


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Hey @Hbveggiegrrl!


Thanks for reaching out to us, this sounds a bit odd and we'll do our best to help you solve this.


It sounds like both of your issues might be caused by a third-party app that might have made some changes to your library, that's why we'd recommend that you start off by logging in on your Account page and going to ''Apps'' in the menu on the left side.


There you can see all third party apps that are connected to your account and we'd recommend that you "Remove Access" for the apps that you don't recognize.


It's also a good idea to follow the steps here to make sure your account is secure.


To get the songs back in your playlists you can reach our support team here and they should be able to revert the changes in the playlist. They should also be able to recover your playlists.


Hope this info helps. Keep us in the loop on this.

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