Missing songs in playlist!

Missing songs in playlist!


Hi! I have a playlist with 100 songs, I can see all of them in the desktop version but in my android eventhough I see a legend that says 100 songs I can only access half of them, please help! I'm paying for Premium!

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Hey @Nnn911, welcome to the community!


Sometimes content is removed from Spotify due to licensing changes. Both on mobile and desktop, there's a setting you can turn on or off to view unavailable songs in playlists.


Just head to the Spotify app Settings > Display Options > Show unavailable songs in playlists. If the setting is active, it'll show all songs on your mobile device, but the app will only play the available ones.


In case you can play all 100 songs on the desktop, but only a few play on mobile, let me know if you're getting any error messages when trying to play the songs, or if they're local files.


All the best.

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136 tracks 'no longer available' from a 1225 song playlist is a pretty poor service, and damned annoying. Are you dropping the license on older tracks to pay for newer ones?

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