Moving playlists when switching account type

Moving playlists when switching account type



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I want to switch to the Premium family plan and there are playlists from other family members on my account.  Can those be moved to the account of the family member I will be inviting?  It's a big playlist and it would take a long time to rebuild.

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Hey, thanks for reaching out. I'm here to help. Once you switch to Family premium, every invited member will have a separate account which won't interfere with yours. Regarding your current issue, because all the members are using your account, and have created playlists on your account, there are two ways you could do thiis.

1.  You could transfer the ownership of those playlists to those members. It's an easy task and doesn't take much time. All you have to do is start a Webchat with Spotify, and verify your personal information with them and ask them to transfer the ownership. 


2. Install Spotify on you PC, login to your account. Once you've done that. Open the playlists you'd like to transfer. Make a folder on the desktop and drag and drop all the songs from the playlist into that folder. Click on the tracks and then drag and drop them into the folder. Once you've covered all the songs, you could make a new account for the new invited member, then make a similar playlist and just drag and drop those files back into that playlist. It's a tedious task, but works well. Also this will help you skip the aforementioned step of contacting Spotify.


I Hope I could be of some help to you. If there's anything else you'd like my help with, please feel free to text back. We're always here to help. If you find this helpful, I'd be glad if you mark this as a solution to your problem.


Thanks and cheers!

Have a good day ❤️


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