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Music disappeared in both Artists and Albums

Music disappeared in both Artists and Albums






Samsung Galaxy S10+

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I have tons of downloaded music, and usually listen to it all from my Artists section as its easiest to navigate snd play a lot of music from multiple albums of the same artist. Last month a tonnof music disappeared Artists section and now it only has music downloaded in the last few months in there. It is not set to Recently Added it is still set to Artists.


The music thet was saved is still on either Albums or Liked Songs. Nothingness in all 3. If they are full or mostly full albums by artisrs they are in Albums. Of they are only a few songs from an Artist they don't show up there but are still on Lioed So far. Nothing is in all 3 sections even if I have a full album by an Artiet thst are all liked songs.


At some point much of the music was undownloaded for some reason but they were still saved in one of these sections. I have been redownloading this music but that doesn't make it show up in the other lists. I just want everything back i  Artists folder.


I talked to someone on the customer service chat and they told me to do a few things like go to my setting snd make sure my Spotify was set to allow storage on my device and uninsralling and redownloading the app but none of thst changed anything. They said they tried things on their end too but still nothing changed. Their last recommendation was to clear my data and they Uninstall and reinstall again but I do not want to delete my data as theres like 10,000+ saved songs and Indont want to start over from scratch. Any suggestions? Anybody else have this problem?

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