My Library Stopped Showing All My Saved Albums

My Library Stopped Showing All My Saved Albums






MacBook Pro mid 2019 (15 inch)

Operating System

macOS Catalina


My Question or Issue

I have saved 100+ albums onto my Spotify library since using the service in 2017. I mean saving the entire album (hitting the heart icon for the album itself). Now, as of about a week ago, only 13 albums are now showing up under "albums" in my library.


I keep trying to find a solution to this  but nothing is working, and all related posts I'm reading are about separate issues from a year or so ago.


I can still see all of my saved songs from each album under "liked songs," but I don't want to scroll through an endless list of songs when I am searching for one specific album.


Another weird thing I am experiencing is that my mobile app is still showing all of the albums I've saved. No matter what I do, my desktop app only shows about 13 albums. Also, when viewing my library on the web application, I can see all of my saved albums there, but am unable to sort them by artist name. It appears the web menu is sorting by "most recently liked."


Simply put, all I want to do is have my "albums" section show all of the albums I have saved in the past, in the order of the artists' names. For the longest time, this is how I was able to navigate my library. But for some reason, that has changed to nearly no albums and I can't change it back.


This UI is ridiculous and I'm having no luck. I just want to see all of the albums I've saved again when playing music on my laptop. Please help!!!

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same problem here!

Hey there @jamesvavrek and @borissssa


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!

If you don't see your full albums list on the desktop app we recommend running a clean reinstall for a start. This way you'll get the latest app version along with all necessary updates. Check out this help page for the steps you need for a clean reinstall. 


You might also need to check the hosts file on your PC and remove some of the entries. Here you can read on how clear the hosts. 


Keep us posted! We'll be happy to lend a hand if you need more help. 

I had the same issue and it was only resolved by a clean installation of the app on my iPhone, unfortunately this means that I have now lost all of the albums that I had downloaded for offline playback. Very frustrating. Generally I find Spotify to be very annoying to use, it doesn't always sync properly between my devices and the way it organises my saved albums (when not deleting them) is different between the browser version and mobile app.

I was having the exact same issue it sounds like. On my iOS I lost nearly all my saved albums, save around 10 or so. All my saved albums still showed up on my Android phone though. 


I did the recommended clean uninstall on my iOS and reinstalled, and when I logged back in they are now all there again which is a huge relief! So that did solve my problem. I didn't have any albums saved for offline use, so its not an issue for me to have to re-download any of those, but I can see how that could be a problem for others. 


Good luck.

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