My Playlist Won't Permanently Organize by Recently Added


My Playlist Won't Permanently Organize by Recently Added

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 - I have had an account since 2013-2014ish and have always had a problem with my playlists populating with the first songs ever added to the playlist instead of by the Recently Added songs to the playlist. 


I understand that there is a way to "filter" the playlist by Recently Added, and it does filter properly on my own devices every time, even after closing and opening the app.


However, it won't filter by the first song added for other people's devices.


Curious to hear if this just my account/playlists being older or if there is something to be done.



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Re: My Playlist Won't Permanently Organize by Recently Added

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Hi @chrisbrown2015

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

All playlists are sorted by default from the oldest to the newest song added to a playlist. 

When you choose a sorting option, it will be applied only to your account. For other users the playlist will be still sorted by default, unless they choose a different sorting option. 


For more details on the Sort and Filter feature, check this support article


I hope you'll find this helpful! 

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