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My echo dots don't continue playing the same spotify music across devices

My echo dots don't continue playing the same spotify music across devices






Echo dots 2nd gen


My Question or Issue

So, what used to happen before is if I start playing a spotify album or playlist on one Echo dot, then go into a different room where there's a 2nd echo dot and say "Alexa, play Spotify", it would stop the music on the 1st dot, and continue exactly where it left off on the 2nd dot. It would play the same song from the same point. If I stopped it and came back an hour later, said "Alexa, play spotify" then it would again continue where it left off. Now, the behavior is different. This started happening within the last month or so. If I play a playlist on one echo dot and then go to the 2nd echo dot and say play spotify, it starts playing some random song on my playlist. And it somehow always starts playing the same song (which is like in the middle of a playlist I play) even if I do this on different days. If I play spotify on that 2nd echo, then go to my 1st echo, this echo doesn't play the same song that was just playing on the previous device. It does stop the other device from playing any music. So I can only play it on one echo dot, but it stopped keeping track of the song I am playing. I have tried removing my spotify account from the alexa app and re-adding it and the same thing keeps happening.

2 Replies

this is also happening to me for a few weeks now. i am also having an issue where i say “alexa, play spotify” and she chooses a random playlist i’ve never listened to before and starts playing that instead of what i was last listening to. it it driving me mad!!! disabling and reenabling the spotify skill sometimes helps but it is getting to the point of needing to do it almost every day 

reenabling the skill hasn’t been helping at all but i’ve noticed if i say “alexa, resume spotify” instead of “alexa play spotify” it picks up what was playing or last played. so that has been working for the last day or so for me. 

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