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My mixtapes constantly jumping genres

My mixtapes constantly jumping genres

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I listen to a very wide range of genres and up to 8h per day. I often enjoy my mixtapes as they both provide songs I like as well as new songs that are alike.


I face two problems:

One day, eg. mixtapes 1 is playing hiphop while m2 plays rock, m3 goes for jazz, etc. The next day they changed positions. This is a problem I can live with but is still annoying.


The badder problem is, that if I started a Playlist, then went to sleep and continued the list the other day, after 1-3 songs, the genre jumps to the newly chosen. So I want to continue listening to calm electronic music and instead get heavy rap**bleep** out of a sudden. 

It's even worse: once I listen to a mixtapes for a longer time, it starts adding songs of other genres until at one point it completely switches genres if I don't dislike songs (that I actually like, but don't want to listen to rn). I also don't want to constantly jump to Spotify to dislike songs while working.


To me, this looks like an algorithm failure when playing loads of different genres. 

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