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My playlist has disappeared from the stats of artists and bands.

My playlist has disappeared from the stats of artists and bands.






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I have a playlist called Reggae Summer Beach. It has more than 44 thousand listeners. It has always been among the most listened Reggae playlists. In the artists' profiles it appeared as the first or second in the "Discovered on..." section. And suddenly, since yesterday, we have disappeared from all artist and band profiles and they can't see the statistics of our playlist in their artist profiles either. They have been the ones who have told us about this situation, and it is impossible that it happens from one day to the next.


I have contacted Spotify customer service and they have told me that it could be that I have my playlist as "private", but it is not, it is "public".


Is there any solution for my playlist?




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Sorry to hijack this thread, but this website won't allow me to create a topic, almost like spotify is preemptively doing all it can to stop me from solving this problem haha. But the closest relating problem I had was in regards to your topic.


A very special playlist that was dear to my heart called Golden Oldies Jukebox has just vanished completely. It had near 10k followers but the main reason I absolutely want it to come back is because I put this mammoth playlist together with my recently deceased girlfriend. We would update it together on the regular and sing along to it everyday, play it at parties and barbeques. So many memories was created with this playlist together with my girlfriend, and it will break my heart if one of the best things we shared together is gone forever.


I already tried the "recover playlist" tab on the spotify web browser, it was not there along with playlists i actually had deleted. I also never linked spotify to my Facebook account creating a duplicate account like what seems to be another problem regarding disappearing playlists. Thanks in advance for any help upon recovering this playlist.

Sorry to hear about your playlist and especially about your deceased girlfriend. But hijacking a thread that has just been opened to ask for a solution to your problem is not right. You can open your own thread, as I have done.

You have to go to Help, search for topics, and open a thread.

Good luck

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