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My playlist is no longer #1 in search results..

My playlist is no longer #1 in search results..

Heya! Found no more specific category to put my question under so please forgive me if this is the wrong and for my english.

In 2013, I created the first playlist ever on Spotify for "Euphoric Hardstyle" and updated it every day since then with the latest music in that genre. It has grown incredibly much and gained many followers until last year. I used to gain 5-20 new followers on my playlist EVERY day, which was incredibly fun to watch and gave me motivation to keep the list updated. But sometime last year I lost #1 playlist if you searched for "Euphoric Hardstyle" and is now at #4 instead, hence I have lost thousands of new followers which is very sad to see. Do not know why I went down to place #4 when I update my most of all, have the most songs in the list within that particular genre, most followers etc ..
I lost #1 a few years ago aswell but went back to #1 after a while, but have now lost it again. What is the reason for this? How does the search results work? Is this something the admins can help me with to get back?


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In this case we'd suggest you reach out to Spotify for Artists. The folks there can look into this further and give you more information about it.


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Okey I will try that 🙂 Thanks for your response!

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