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New releases on top of homepage

New releases on top of homepage

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I have set my notifications settings so that I don't get notifications for new music through Spotify. I use Spotify to listen to tracks I already know of, not to "discover" new music, I have different channels for that. And yet, Ozzy Osbourne has released a new album, and its at the top of my homepage. There seems to be no way to remove it, no X to close or acknowledgement, its forced upon me and I can't remove it.  


The thing is, I don't care. I've already heard singles from it and its universally accepted to be mediocre at best and bad at worst, so why must it take that prime real estate? I use the homepage for the "heavily listened" or the "jump back in" section, and now they've been pushed down for this. **bleep**, there's even a section for "new releases from artists you love". Half the time thats filled with artists I've never even heard of (so how can I love them?) but surely thats the place to put this new album recommendation? 


How can I turn this off and remove it from my homepage? 

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