No Song Radio for a specific Artist


No Song Radio for a specific Artist

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(iPhone XS, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 14.2, macOS Catalina (App, Safari))


My Question or Issue

I've tried to go to the song radio for this song  and encountered an infinite loading loop on desktop and a "This Playlist was removed" error on mobile. The same problem occurs for other songs by the artist Kleene Bengels.  IMG_3553.jpg


Maybe a matching error message for this problem would be helpful. 


The mentioned song:

The Artist:


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Re: No Song Radio for a specific Artist


Hey @jobee0602,



Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


Please keep in mind that for some artists and their work the algorithm isn't able to generate a radio, one of the reasons being that they don't have enough similar artists or related content. One possible workaround in you case could be to add tracks by Kleene Bengels to a playlist with a couple of more artists you find similar and fitting to the vibe. You can then generate a playlist radio based on that 🙂


Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you need more help.

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Re: No Song Radio for a specific Artist

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Hey @Mihail,

Thanks for the explanation. I'll give the playlist approach a try.

In the end an according error message would be nice 🙂