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Old playlists keeps reapering and auto downloading

Old playlists keeps reapering and auto downloading







Samsung Galaxy S*+

Operating System

Android Oreo


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Old playlists that i followed just keeps reappearing and downloading into my cellphone. No matter how many times i unfollow and clear the downloads, they reapper and downloads again and again... Already uninstalled and cleared cache and still nothing. 

Although this happens on my phone, I see that it is happening on the account in general, because playlists are being followed again in both the windows 10 app and my account, as I see in the web browser.

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I have this same issue on my iPhone, and web app, and desktop app.  Playlists that I never created keep appearing on my account, the same few playlists.  I've even changed my passwords just in case someone else was somehow using my account.  I can't stop this from happening, and it's incredibly frustrating.  

I have the same issue. Can some Spotify representatives please help. I didnt find an official Spotify support options apart from this community. 

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