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Old songs in playlist showing as recently added and random songs being added to playlist

Old songs in playlist showing as recently added and random songs being added to playlist




Desktop, Android

Operating System

Windows 10, Android 10


My Question or Issue

Recently, songs that I added years ago to my playlist have been "readded" and are now showing as added very recently, thus messing up the date added sort order. It seems to be random songs not certain artists or anything. This is happening across all my devices. 


Also, songs that I listen to without interacting with, will also sometimes be randomly added to my main playlist without me actually adding them myself. 


I have tried deleting and reinstalling spotify as well as deleting the playlist and recovering it. It is not an issue with the sort order either. It seems on other posts with similar problems, that this tends to happen to larger playlists, mine being 871 songs. 


Spotify issue.jpg
3 Replies

I have the exact same problem! Songs I listen to will randomly get added to the playlist and when I listen to one of my old songs from the playlist it will suddenly get moved to the bottom of the list and show as recently added. Its very frustrating because its messing up the order of my playlist. Hope there's a fix for this!

Same. Happens on YouTube as well...creeps me out. Maybe the song was re-uploaded by the system, making it newer?

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community.


Can you check to see if the songs are in the wrong order when logging in on another device?


You can also try to change the sort order to something else, and then changing back to the original sort order to see if that changes anything. You can find the steps here


We also suggest that you perform a clean reinstall of the app to make sure there's no old cache files causing this. 


Keep us posted. We'll keep an eye out for your replies 🙂



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