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On Repeat updating, but song not showing up

On Repeat updating, but song not showing up


My "On Repeat" playlist is updating; however, there is one particular song that is not showing whatsoever on my "On Repeat" or my "Repeat Rewind" playlist. I have been listening to this song the most, so it is strange not to see it on those playlists when other songs I have not listened to in a while show up. Also, I read somewhere that Christmas songs do not show up on those playlists either. That happened to my playlists, too. Is that supposed to happen?

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Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


On Repeat and Repeat Rewind are automatically populated with songs, based on your listening activity. There are no songs which would be excluded from those playlists. This includes Christmas songs and any other holiday-related music.


It's odd that the song you listen to the most does not get included, but it will most likely get featured in those playlists after some time.


What might be preventing music from getting into these playlists is Private Session. Make sure that is off when you listen to your favorite songs.


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.


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Hi @Alex,


Thank you for the reply! I have done a clean reinstallment of Spotify on all my devices. I will update if that fixes the issue. Just for more information, I have been listening to the same song for a couple months now and it was not in private session. Also, thank you for clearing up the Holiday songs! I was always curious about that, so I hope this reinstallment fixes that also. 

Hi there @user-removed,


Thank you for your reply.


We'll keep an eye out for your confirmation regarding on how everything works after the reinstall 🙂

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂


My repeat playlists updated today, but I still do not see the song anywhere. Are there any other ideas that may solve this issue?

Thank you.

Hey there @user-removed, 


Thanks for letting us know. 


These playlists update automatically based on your listening activity. However, even though this may be odd, we're afraid there isn't a particular troubleshooting step that might be of help in this case.


In the meantime, we suggest to keep listening to the song so it may eventually be included in your On Repeat playlist.


As a workaround, you can start listening to your On Repeat playlist, and add this particular song to the Play queue.


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.


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Hi, this is actually MK373.


I had to make a new account and transferred my data over. I thought this would fix the issue, but nothing is fixed. It frustrates me because I lost data while doing the transfer, too.

Hey @MK373,


Thanks for keeping us posted.


The algorithms involved in generating the playlists try and account for "natural listening" habits. We can't go into details to avoid manipulation of our algorithms, but it could be that your listening behavior doesn't appear to be natural to the system and hence, a track is excluded from On Repeat.


Overall, there are many systems in place to prevent manipulation of auto-generated playlists and we don't advise trying to do so.

Ver Moderator
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Hi there, I have the same problem. The song I have listened to the most for multiple hours is a song that never has appeared on On Repeat. I’ve listened to it the most for a few weeks now and it has never showed up on On Repeat. Perhaps, it is because the song does not have an image just a symbol. It’s Fifty Percent from Ballroom. If there is any other reason behind this, I would appreciate knowing. Thank you.


Hi, I have the same issue. Was this problem solved?

My on repeat playlist is also missing my most listened to song, it is a christmas song which is probably the issue. Can we sort this out please? 

I have been hooked on this particular track and have been playing it  continuously for days. It has not been added to my On Repeat playlist while other tracks I listened to like once or twice enter the list. The track can be considered holiday music. I had the same issue last year and the year before with holiday music. So how can you say holiday music is included on On Repeat. This is frustrating because I also don’t see the track among my list of songs on the year end play list. 


This has just happened on my Spotify too and the song I’ve been playing  most repeatedly for the past three days or so is not showing up but others are. Seems strange. 

It's not showing Christmas songs for me either, none of them.

Hi, this is happening to me too. 


I've been repeatedly listening to a Christmas EP that was released last month and has 6 tracks, and those songs don't show up on my On Repeat playlist at all even after multiple updates of the playlist. Yet just as of last week, I also listened a new Kpop track (non-holiday, a regular comeback single that was also newly released) repeatedly and it appeared immediately on my On Repeat playlist's latest update. 


I don't use the Private session, and I have a premium account (if that matters). With many similar experiences from the community like these, are there really not any algorithm that prevent holiday songs to show up in auto-updated playlists? Very curious for me (and inconvenience too - I want to listen to these holiday songs together with other songs I've been playing on repeat, but I can't except I manually adding them to my queue which is quite a hassle). Hope it will be solved soon. 

This has happened to me. I can often fixate on a song for a bit and replay it repeatedly. Last year I often played a song I liked from a TV show soundtrack playlist, it never appeared on my On Repeat. Eventually I switched to the artist album version of the song, and it started appearing.


Lately I've been listening to a couple of sings from a different artist's album. One appeared top of my On Repeat, the other refuses to appear (but the song after it on the album, which I occasionally run onto to, has appeared). Both these artists are fairly notable, while I'm not using the repeat function on the player bar.

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