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One of my “Top Mixes” shown on someone else’s account

One of my “Top Mixes” shown on someone else’s account

I was looking at an old friend’s spotify account and noticed that one of my top mixes was shown on their profile.  I didn’t believe that that information was public since I didn’t even have it downloaded to my public profile.  How is this possible? 


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The personalized playlist that Spotify makes for you contains some of your favorite music, along with some more recommendations, but are not shown on your profile. However, if the playlist is one of the "Top mixes" made by Spotify, but not made for you, it could be followed by other users. As an example, if you follow the playlist "Top 50" or "Top Global" it will be shown in your profile, and other profiles that followed the playlist as well.


In case it was a different playlist, include in your next response the URI of the playlist and a screenshot where we can see it displayed on another profile.


We'll be on the lookout.

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hello, what if it is the ''mix of rock made for you by Spotify'' playlist that appears saved on someone's profile? are they listening to that exact playlist that was made for me or does it contain different songs for that person but I can only see mine even though I'm in their profile?

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