Only Play New Songs / Limit Song Play Count / Discover Radio


Only Play New Songs / Limit Song Play Count / Discover Radio


I love discovering new music, and I hate listening to the same song more than three times.  And considering the vast wealth of songs on Spotify, I shouldn't need to.


  • Discover Weekly plays the same songs all week, and crosses all the genres I listen to, which leads to quite a disjointed listening experience.
  • The Daily Mixes tend to rehash the same songs I've been listening to, and stay the same all day.
  • The Radio feature is coming really close, but does also tend to throw in songs from the underlying playlist.

Ideally, I need a Discover Radio that plays only new songs around a starting playlist, or a setting to limit the number of times a song can be played.  And by new, I dont mean new releases, just songs I haven't heard before.


Thanks for considering this new feature.

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Re: Only Play New Songs / Limit Song Play Count / Discover Radio


Hey @harvest316,


Thanks for posting your feedback here in the Community and welcome.


If you'd like to see a 'Discover radio' tab in Your Library based on a starting playlist and displaying only songs you haven't heard before, feel free to suggest this as an Idea. To do so:


  1. Go to the Spotify Community
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Click on Ideas > Idea submissions
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Let’s go

As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented 🙂


To get to know more about how your feedback will reach Spotify, feel free to check this Spotify Answer out. 


Hope you'll find this info useful. Have a nice day!

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