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[Other] Bring back the old Artist's page

[Other] Bring back the old Artist's page

Before the most recent update, I was able to go to an artist's Spotify page and see it's top 5 songs. It's largely the same now, but one major thing has changed -- seeing how many streams of that song occurred. I used to be able to see, for example, maybe Justin Bieber had 100,000,000 streams for this song and 130,000,000 for another. It was interesting and helped me develop an idea of my own musical taste and how that relates to the mainstream. Now those numbers aren't there anymore and I see no reason why. 


I only see that this section has now been split up into two columns of equal size, with the right side holding the "Artist's Pick" which I think is far too large. It's taking up way too much space. The old version worked just fine. It's no more visible now than it was before, only just more annoying.

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